Helen, Outreach, Project Updates

Learning history through art lessons

Helen reflects on recent training in the record office and its applicability in public outreach with children. I was very lucky with my primary school, we had amazing art facilities, including a kiln, extra staff on art days so we could work in smaller groups, and what seemed (to a child at least) like an… Continue reading Learning history through art lessons

About Us, Flooding

Profile: Helen (Flood)

I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Liverpool, looking at flooding in early modern Staffordshire. My background is interdisciplinary, but primarily in history, with a strong tendency towards social history. Because of this, I'm inclined to focus on human responses to flooding environment, which will involve considering the socio-economic environment as much as the… Continue reading Profile: Helen (Flood)

About Us, Drought

Profile: Alice (Drought)

I’m Alice Harvey-Fishenden and I’m investigating historic drought in Staffordshire. I am a PhD student in Geography at the University of Liverpool, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, as part of a project between the University of Liverpool and the Staffordshire Record Office, along with Helen Houghton who is studying historic flooding in… Continue reading Profile: Alice (Drought)