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Would you like to learn more about how people experienced and understood weather in the past? Are you interested in the 18th Century more generally? Are you interested in learning about how people in the past managed their water supply and improved their land? We have a range of diaries and bundles of letters which… Continue reading LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS!

Alice, Drought

Alice’s Adventures in ‘Dry’ field-names: Brocton

I was out and about today, making the most of the sunshine, and visiting one of my pairs of fields with ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ field-names in Brocton. This pair of fields are particularly intriguing, because ‘Wet Reins’ is uphill from ‘Dry Leasow’ which is unusual. I hope to work out exactly what the relationship is… Continue reading Alice’s Adventures in ‘Dry’ field-names: Brocton