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Would you like to learn more about how people experienced and understood weather in the past? Are you interested in the 18th Century more generally? Are you interested in learning about how people in the past managed their water supply and improved their land? We have a range of diaries and bundles of letters which… Continue reading LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS!

About Us, Flooding

Profile: Helen (Flood)

I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Liverpool, looking at flooding in early modern Staffordshire. My background is interdisciplinary, but primarily in history, with a strong tendency towards social history. Because of this, I'm inclined to focus on human responses to flooding environment, which will involve considering the socio-economic environment as much as the… Continue reading Profile: Helen (Flood)

About Us, Drought

Profile: Alice (Drought)

I’m Alice Harvey-Fishenden and I’m investigating historic drought in Staffordshire. I am a PhD student in Geography at the University of Liverpool, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, as part of a project between the University of Liverpool and the Staffordshire Record Office, along with Helen Houghton who is studying historic flooding in… Continue reading Profile: Alice (Drought)