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How things work (or not): measuring volumes of grain

One of the sources I've been interested in is the accounts of Burton mills, which a work experience placement was kind enough to begin working on for me last week. They cover about five years early in the 1700s and include week-by-week grain sales, wages, and expenses (particularly for horses). So far there has been… Continue reading How things work (or not): measuring volumes of grain

Helen, How things work, Volunteer Project

How a Barometer Works

One of our volunteers, Nicky, mentioned a quote from the Elizabeth Hervey diaries which talks about “the bar lower than ever I saw it before” on November 9th 1800 (D6584/C/95/99) just before a hurricane. We presumed this mentioned a bar on a barometer, leading to a discussion of how barometers actually work. Barometers measure atmospheric… Continue reading How a Barometer Works