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August Project Update

We thought it would be a good time for another quick update on what we have been up to, and what we have planned in the next few months. Happily, our annual progression reviews at the university (which we mentioned in our last project update in May) went well, and we have the go ahead to… Continue reading August Project Update

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How things work (or not): measuring volumes of grain

One of the sources I've been interested in is the accounts of Burton mills, which a work experience placement was kind enough to begin working on for me last week. They cover about five years early in the 1700s and include week-by-week grain sales, wages, and expenses (particularly for horses). So far there has been… Continue reading How things work (or not): measuring volumes of grain

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Helen’s visit to The National Archives, and 17th century problems with Hopwas Bridge

I went to The National Archives a few weeks ago, between the 13th and 16th of June. The purpose of my visit was to view assize records that might relate to issues with flooding and waterways in Staffordshire. Ironically it was an extremely hot, dry week, and a friend I met for dinner expressed bafflement… Continue reading Helen’s visit to The National Archives, and 17th century problems with Hopwas Bridge

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Alice’s visit to ICE and the National Archives

20th - 23rd June 2017 Alice was away, on a research trip to the National Archives and Institution of Civil Engineers Archives in London. Trust me to chose the hottest week of the year so far to spend in London! Fortunately, the National Archives have fantastic climate control, and were lovely and cool (I would… Continue reading Alice’s visit to ICE and the National Archives

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How a Barometer Works

One of our volunteers, Nicky, mentioned a quote from the Elizabeth Hervey diaries which talks about “the bar lower than ever I saw it before” on November 9th 1800 (D6584/C/95/99) just before a hurricane. We presumed this mentioned a bar on a barometer, leading to a discussion of how barometers actually work. Barometers measure atmospheric… Continue reading How a Barometer Works

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Historic Drought Conference, Strasbourg

As some of you might be aware, Alice was away last week attending a conference in Strasbourg. Here are some reflections on the trip. Last week I went on a road trip in France with my father, traveling to Strasbourg in order to attend a conference on Historic Drought in Europe. We drove from my… Continue reading Historic Drought Conference, Strasbourg

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Mills project update: Leases from Rugeley

One of our volunteers, Richard, has been kindly looking through some leases for mills and the land surrounding them, and has just finished with a series of leases from Rugeley. The series (D603/E/3/1 to D603/E/3/319) consisted of leases for land in Cannock and Rugeley from the records of the Paget family, and from the series… Continue reading Mills project update: Leases from Rugeley